Listen to New Motley Crue Songs

Motley Crue’s biopic, The Dirt, is available now on Netflix. As the movie was being announced, Motley Crue said they were recording 4 new songs for the soundtrack. If you haven’t had a chance to watch the

New Motley Crue Music

Motley Crue’s biopic, The Dirt, hits Netflix on March 22nd. They’ve released one of the 4 new songs they recorded for the movie, which is the title track. The song features rapper Machine Gun Kelly, who also plays

Star Wars: Always

Topher Grace (yeah, the dude from “That 70’s Show”) has an interesting way of unwinding after completing an acting project: he works on another project. He’s previously edited the Star Wars prequels into one 85-minute movie. He’s

Buckcherry’s “Bent” Video

Buckcherry released the music video for the new song “Bent,” which they filmed while they were touring in the UK (the video is of them exploring London). “Bent” will be on their new album, Warpaint, which comes out