Karsten is originally a tenacious, good-humored Iowa kid from Des Moines—born, bred, & corn-fed! Yeah, I know what you’re thinking. But, believe it or not, the 5-1-5 is a much more hip and happening place than you probably imagine! Hey, everybody has to come from SOMEPLACE, right?! Like most 80s kids, his intimate relationship with a boombox began at an early age, refusing to fall asleep without the reliable beacon of warm, comforting sounds and cascading shower of electromagnetic radiation from a beloved rock ‘n’ roll station faintly emanating through the inky darkness. Can’t you just picture it?!

Radio is literally in his blood, with his father and uncle starting one of the first FM stations in central Iowa. Dad ended up in the advertising business, but eventually passed the radio torch on to Karsten.

His “North American Radio Tour” (as he refers to his career) began back in 1997, hosting a weekly alternative rock show on KWDM at Valley High School in West Des Moines. He was awful!

His first REAL radio gig happened during his college days at the University of Kansas, at a group of commercial stations in Lawrence—KLZR, KLWN, and KMXN.

Karsten has also worked in Des Moines at WHO, KXNO, KKDM, KDRB, KDXA, and at KASI and KCCQ in Ames.

In his free time (what’s THAT?!) he plays drums and guitar, Netflix & chills, and cruises through the Black Hills looking for fun and interesting things to see and do and delicious food to eat. If you know of any REALLY great barbecue joints in the area, he’d love to hear about them! And try them… But only if YOU’RE paying!

Make sure to join him weekday afternoons for PLENTY of the Black Hills’ BEST Rock, plus all the debauchery, shenanigans and more-than-occasional fart jokes you can handle.


AC/DC “Shot In The Dark” Video!

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AC/DC New Album, PWR UP

Yesterday, AC/DC shared that they’re getting the band back together–literally. Brian Johnson, Cliff Williams, and Phil Rudd are all returning for the bands upcoming project. The album, PWR UP will be available on November 13th. Check out