“Music is the moonlight in the gloomy night of life.”

– Jean Paul Friedrich Richter

Raven’s love for radio sparked at a younger age, borrowing her mom’s tape recorder to DJ her own radio station in her spare time, either alone or with friends. After learning the ins and outs of radio; working production, on-air, and eventually managing KBHU-FM at Black Hills State University, she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in mass communication.

She began her radio career co-hosting morning shows in Sheridan, Wyoming, and then eventually moved back to Rapid City where she continued her journey, learning new things, meeting new people, and still obsessing over music day-in and day-out.

When she’s not broadcasting, Raven enjoys exploring and discovering new music, kicking back with family or friends at a barbeque or for a few drinks, traveling, watching TV shows, playing video games, adventures in the hills, and taking life one day at a time.

Join Raven weekdays beginning at 9am, after Free Beer and Hot Wings!

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Raven’s Halloween Haul #2

I was on the hunt for a statue to replace the raven one I had before that broke and I found one. This is another IMPULSE buy, and I wanted to buy some other things too but

Raven’s Ruckus Vol #5

I won’t admit how many times I’ve listened to this song on repeat (100 is too low, 1000 is too high, somewhere in between). Not to mention there was dancing happening in the aisles of the grocery

Raven’s Ruckus Vol #4

If you need a little something to jazz you up, no, better yet – ZAZZ you up in the morning, here is a SUPER SPECIAL EDM Tune that’s totally not talking about 💩   “Don’t be shook,

Friday is Prank Day

A special prank for each and every one of my coworkers. My way of saying I appreciate them and I wanted them to know I was “Never Gonna Give You Up”. Needless to say it was a

Beer Zodiac

I kind of feel a little lack luster about this result for me. When I think of chaos causing Gemini that I am, I don’t think Budweiser is the real wind under my wings, that’s margaritas (well,

I Googled What at Work?

This one is a pretty tame one I think, compared to some of the things that have been looked up- I can hear Karsten’s voice faintly in the back of my brain saying ‘I am gonna regret

Raven’s Ruckus Vol #3

I love a good cover just as much as the next person, but there is something to be said about covers when the band really takes the song and adds their own unique flare and twist on


Just in case no one has told you today, You’re a great person with great skills, You’re gonna DO GREAT!  Also, it can’t possibly just be me that thinks that someone somewhere someone may have said

The Infamous ‘Rit the Lug on Fire’ incident

This is 3 minutes of your life you’re never going to get back, and you will probably have to rethink your decision making paradigm after tuning in, but here it is. As a teenager I had dreams

Raven’s Ruckus Vol #2

I don’t really have anything to say about this song other than it’s a song that’s been a staple in my playlist for many years. Catchy beat, funky tune, relatable lyrics. Since 2015 and the song still

This Salad Didn’t have Croutons

I have been eating more low carb lately, so a lot of leafy greens incorporated into my meal prepping but I brought it in my lunch today to be a side to my Chicken Parmesan. Just a

Raven’s Ruckus Vol #1

Just recently release by the alternative band Young The Giant, a new EP called Act II: Exile featuring four tunes. It’s the first part to be released from their forthcoming album American Bollywood that is due out

Say what?

At the part time job I am pretty regularly approached by customers wanting to know “Where is this item?” or “What aisle is X item in?” but randomly I will have someone say something off the cuff

The shower beer

Sometimes you just have a long day, long week, or long month and you just want to take the edge off. I am of the mindset that a good calorie burn is a great way to deflect

Raven’s Halloween haul #1

When it comes to Halloween, it takes everything in my power to say no to decking my place out in everything spooky and scary but sometimes you have to remind yourself that it’s okay to have some