“Music is the moonlight in the gloomy night of life.”

– Jean Paul Friedrich Richter

Raven’s love for radio sparked at a younger age, borrowing her mom’s tape recorder to DJ her own radio station in her spare time, either alone or with friends. After learning the ins and outs of radio; working production, on-air, and eventually managing KBHU-FM at Black Hills State University, she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in mass communication.

She began her radio career co-hosting morning shows in Sheridan, Wyoming, and then eventually moved back to Rapid City where she continued her journey, learning new things, meeting new people, and still obsessing over music day-in and day-out.

When she’s not broadcasting, Raven enjoys exploring and discovering new music, kicking back with family or friends at a barbeque or for a few drinks, traveling, watching TV shows, playing video games, adventures in the hills, and taking life one day at a time.

Join Raven weekdays beginning at 9am, after Free Beer and Hot Wings!

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The Popcorn Debacle

It would have been a STELLAR prank, but the BOSS did not have a sense of humor that day and dumped out and threw away ALL the popcorn in the machine before anyone got to see it.

Save ALL souls

Not only should you be concerned about your soul and where you may end up when you die, plus the souls of your loved ones. But lest we not forget that other precious souls need salvation and

Raven’s Ruckus Vol #11

ELECTRO SWING! I could have sworn I featured this before, but I didn’t see it. This is one of those old time flash back with a great beat that makes you want to jump up and dance

The Handrail Incident

Inquiring MINDS wanted to know. And what I found out was that it was a good thing *I* was the one who ‘fell’ rather than someone who would have actually NEEDED the support.   View this post

Raven’s Ruckus Vol #10

I seem to be on the same frequency as this song lately. Always the little piggy running away form the big bad wolf chasing me. I haven’t found my brick house yet. Where will you go? Now

I Googled it at Work #3

A SLIPPERY slope from nipple clamps to blow up dolls, but when you can’t beat a good deal, you CAN’T. You can’t tell me that this doll doesn’t BARE a strong resemblance to a certain deceased celebrity.

Raven’s Ruckus Vol #9

We are ALL INSANE Monday in its infancy Tuesday sitting awkwardly Wednesday creeps respectfully Keep calm Thursday night keeps tempting me Friday in her infamy Weekends are my specialty 

Diary Entries

I kept saying it was great to have a diary but was not very good at keeping it updated. I think it was one of those “obligated to do” things in my mind cause my mother really

Raven’s Ruckus Vol #8

I had been listening to “I don’t Feel Like Dancing” on repeat so then I decided to switch it to a playlist based on that song. There was a bunch of tunes that were alright, but I

Raven’s Ruckus Vol #7

I’ve recently been talking about how I am ‘going through some shit’ and I always gravitate towards music to get me through the toughest parts of my life. But that trauma tends to hang around and associate

I Googled It At Work #2

Weird conversations happen when myself, Karsten, and Shawn are all in the same room… And that happens A LOT. But we were all chatting when someone decided to start playing with the clamps that hold the tablecloth

Throwback Thursday: Halloween Edition

I’ve loved Halloween my entire adult life, mostly because I was NOT ALLOWED to even think about celebrating it as a kid. So I’ve always prided myself on cool outfits, so for today’s throwback, I am taking

The Donut Dilemma

Someone decided that the second unopened box of donuts was “fresher” than the three leftover in the first box so I had a little mischief to cause.   View this post on Instagram   A post shared

When the Shirt Keeps Choosing Chaos

I don’t understand what’s wrong with me, or the shirt… It just gets bunched up like this when I move my arms around. Perhaps I should stop trying to imitate the wacky wavy armed flailing arm tube

Middle of the Week Raven’s Ruckus!

You know you’ve heard me say it, you’ve heard me play it. It’s a STAPLE song between Karsten and I during our everyday radio shenanigans! Also coincidentally probably why I got no close friends, “f-kin worth it

It Happened in the Airport

All in all, the airport experience wasn’t a bad one. Getting through customs, security, all that drama was fine. It was just waiting at the gate when stuff started to get really crazy. I had told a

Raven’s Ruckus Vol #6

I was kind of racking my brain trying to come up with what music video I should share this week and this one just makes too much sense not to share. As blatantly obvious by my past

You got the TOUCH, You got the POWER!

I don’t remember where or why I found this, but it was one of the best things that could have happened. I am going to chalk it up to diving down a rabbit hole on youtube instead

My Style Sense Kicked in When I was Young

I HATED this dress, and for some reason my mom INSISTED I wear it for the party. So I did, but looking back I think this is a pinnacle point in the discovery of my inner style

Monday Prank

I decided to put Mongolian Throat Singing EDM on in all the studios and waited for someone to notice. Several people came and went but it wasn’t until much later in the morning until my Boss noticed.