April 20, 2014
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by Randy Brown posted Apr 16 2014 1:24PM
Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine sat in with the San Diego Symphony Orchestra on Saturday night, part of a special concert called 'Symphony Interrupted.' The program, presented before a sold-out crowd of 2,200, was highlighted by a monstrous take on Richard Wagner's 'Ride of the Valkyries.'

Mustaine also added scorching solos to Vivaldi's 'Four Seasons' and Bach's 'Air,' in a performabce that the San Diego Union-Tribune said "left people from both camps surprised." Tickets sold out in advance online, but Mustaine assured fans that there will be additional performances: "Don't worry, there will be another 'Symphony Interrupted' and this being the first and all, we have already started to plan on how to make it even more enjoyable."

The guitarist described the performance as "an experiment — a challenge that I was up for," adding that the classical collaboration is already pushing him into new creative places: "Continuing to improve myself for this show has already made me write ideas that are more twisting and turning, [rather] than straight-ahead songs like 'Skin O' My Teeth' or 'A Tout Le Monde.'"

Mustaine said the initial 'Symphony Interrupted' event was not officially recorded, "because we knew I was going to be still getting used to this whole thing, that I would have a little getting used to this new environment." As Mustaine becomes more comfortable, however, that is still a possibility. "I was 'a fish out of water,' but we learn so much from 'doing' the songs that it is just a short matter of time until we start 'being' the songs. I want everyone to hear this venture with everything just right."

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by Randy Brown posted Apr 8 2014 8:41AM

Twenty years ago today, Kurt Cobain's body was found by an electrician at his Washington home. We are taking this opportunity to crank out some classic Nirvana cuts and share our thoughts, some archived media interviews, and rare photos of the man who's band was the primary influence on a brand new genre of music. Enjoy KURT COBAIN DAY on KSKY!

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by Randy Brown posted Mar 27 2014 10:03AM

The KSKY Crew is once again strapping on our two-tone shoes and flinging gutterballs to raise a little money for the Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Black Hills. The annual Bowl For Kids Sake fundraiser will be held in late April and early May, with KSKY bowling on May 9th at Meadowood Lanes in the 6:00pm session.

Please help us by making your donation online through the following link.

Rock and Bowl with KSKY

Choose either Randy, Fireball, Lizzie, Super Office Manager Angie, or some combination of the four. Or, you can drop off donations at our office: 3601 Canyon Lake Dr. Suite 1, Rapid City SD 57702 during normal business hours, Monday-Friday 8am-5pm.


Thanks for helping out and we will see you at the lanes!

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by Randy Brown posted Mar 26 2014 11:49AM


The title of this post says it all. I am no good at blogging. I write quite a bit frankly, but usually it's on other social media platforms. Fat lot of good that does in communicating with our KSKY listeners. So . . . . . I will do better. So will Fireball and Lizzie.

Where to start? Something clever perhaps. An anecdote about the long lines at the grocery store, or how poor the drivers in Rapid City are, or a story about the boss (because everyone likes to hate on the boss)! I guess I'll just fill you in on some of the exciting things we have planned for you in the next few months:

The Sturgis Buffalo Chip Poster Model Search is cruising right along with another one this Saturday (March 29th) at Sally O'Malley's in the Valley. We're about to wrap up a week long A-Z Countdown of the KSKY music library. On Monday we start with Dead Guy In An Envelope which gives you the chance to win $500 from the World Famous Knuckle Saloon in Sturgis for each dead guy. The we're bring back Play-A-Round with KSKY and the City of Rapid City Recreation Department and Bud Light Lime. You and a buddy could win a round of golf at the Executive course every other Tuesday this summer. Then it's Summer Nights downtown every Thursday from 5:30-8:30. Whew!

Looks like a fun ride. Hop on board and let's GO!


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by Randy Brown posted Feb 13 2014 9:35AM

Could Valentine's Day be the most hated holiday ever? If Facebook and Twitter are any indication . . .YES! What the hell is wrong with people that makes them hate other people expressing their love? Is it just that V-Day, and for that matter almost every other holiday, has been usurped by Hallmark? No, it can't be that. Mother's Day is in the same boat. Endless advertisements urging you to get dear old mom some flowers, chocolates, dinner out, etc. No one complains because everyone loves their mom. 

THAT is the difference. There are so many, bitter, empty, jaded, spiteful people who rant against the day because THEY have been, or still are, unlucky in love. Been there myself. And it sucks. But for ^$*(@%@$&* sake, leave the rest of us alone to enjoy our better halves. Is it really that hard to just say, "Hey look, they seem to be in love. Good for them?" 

Thanks for reading. Now, go back to your carton of Ben & Jerry's, Sex & the City re-runs and your cat(s).

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by Randy Brown posted Jan 30 2014 11:24AM
Motley Crue is coming to the Buffalo Chip on August 5th. Fireball & I had a chance to talk with the Crue's bassist, and KSKY resident night guy, Nikki Sixx:

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by KSKY Studio posted Jan 17 2014 1:52PM
It's no secret that there are tons of treasures to be found in the smaller towns in the Black Hills. From art, history, wineries, breweries, Native culture, biking (both bicycles and motorcycles), and of course there's Deadwood - the party capital of the Black Hills. Old west gunfights, the search for gold, prostitution (pre-1980's), gambling, drinking, concerts and special events. LOTS of special events! The hard work by the Chamber of Commerce, City Government, private citizens and tourists alike can now be rewarded with the title of America's Coolest Small Town. If you're so inclined, please click the link and vote for our very own Deadwood.


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by Rambo posted Sep 20 2013 1:22PM
Pearl Jam has unveiled the music video for Sirens, which will be on their new album, Lightning Bolt, coming out on October 15th.

by Randy Brown posted Sep 17 2013 1:16PM
It must have taken hours and thousands of dollars to pull off a prank of this magnitude. Good thing these guys were sponsored by the beer maker. Imagine you just come home from errands with your wife and every tap in your house is pouring ice cold, delicious beer! Perhaps this is a Super Bowl party waiting to happen . . . 

by Rambo posted Sep 2 2013 2:53PM
I hope you had a great Labor Day weekend. I got to spend some time with friends and family and doing one of my favorite hobbies: riding my motorcycle through the Black Hills. Even though the weather was gorgeous and practically perfect for riding on Sunday, I didn't have a very enjoyable ride. Usually the worst thing that happens is that I get stuck behind a group of tourists that don't know how to drive at a decent speed through the hills. This did happen, but it wasn't what ruined my ride.

I don't know what it was, but it was like every single bug decided to be in my path. Here's a picture I took after I got blinded by bug guts:

It wasn't just my glasses that got nailed, so did my nose, ears, lips, throat, pretty much my whole head. I'm pretty sure I decreased the bug population in the Hills by 50%...so as I titled this post, make sure that you always wear eye protection if you're riding...
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