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by Rambo posted Jul 29 2013 1:53PM
Apparently, the dollar coin is attempting a come back:


The supporters of the coin are hoping it will replace the dollar bill. Even though it costs 3 times as much to make the dollar coin compared to the dollar bill apprently it has a much longer life span...either way, I don't like it because I already have approx $2-5 worth of change in my pocket, and this would just make it worse...plus it's not as much fun to hand a stripper a coin.

by Rambo posted Jul 29 2013 1:33PM

One of my friends posted this link on Facebook over the weekend, where it claims that "Doctors say looking at busty women for 10 minutes a day is good for your health." Better yet, it says that it's as good as 30 minutes of aerobic exercise.

I've done my fair share of watching "busty" women on TV while I'm sitting around doing nothing, so naturally I'm skeptical. Trust me, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Which is why it's always good to do your research (especially on something that's posted online) instead of blindly believing something.

Sadly, this "study" is a hoax:

So stare all you want, but it's not gonna help you lose weight!
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by Rambo posted Jul 26 2013 11:27AM
Here's the trailer for Slash's film that he produced, Nothing Left to Fear. It's due in theaters this October. I grew up 10 minutes away from the town (Stull, KS) that this takes place in. Supposedly, the town's cemetary has one of the Seven gateways to Hell underneath it.

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