December 22, 2014
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by Randy Brown posted Feb 13 2014 9:35AM

Could Valentine's Day be the most hated holiday ever? If Facebook and Twitter are any indication . . .YES! What the hell is wrong with people that makes them hate other people expressing their love? Is it just that V-Day, and for that matter almost every other holiday, has been usurped by Hallmark? No, it can't be that. Mother's Day is in the same boat. Endless advertisements urging you to get dear old mom some flowers, chocolates, dinner out, etc. No one complains because everyone loves their mom. 

THAT is the difference. There are so many, bitter, empty, jaded, spiteful people who rant against the day because THEY have been, or still are, unlucky in love. Been there myself. And it sucks. But for ^$*(@%@$&* sake, leave the rest of us alone to enjoy our better halves. Is it really that hard to just say, "Hey look, they seem to be in love. Good for them?" 

Thanks for reading. Now, go back to your carton of Ben & Jerry's, Sex & the City re-runs and your cat(s).

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