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by Zachary "Fireball" posted Jun 23 2014 10:42AM

That's right folks! After extensive research, trial and error, and sifting through an immense number of clinical studies, yours truly, Fireball, has found the end-all-be-all FAT LOSS SYSTEM!!

It's called getting off your ass. 

I may not be a professional body builder, or a paid personal trainer, but I am not an idiot. Unlike most sheeple, (sheep-people) I do not believe every bullshit story that is force-fed to me by clowns like Dr. Oz, 4 am infomercials, or regurgitated articles in US Weekly or People Magazines. All meat and cheese diets, lemon-water cleansing, Coffee Bean extract, putting damn parasites in your stomach....STOP!

I get it, we ALL want to be fit, with minimal effort. We just want look good naked. Sure would be neat if we could just pop a pill and look like Ryan Reynolds...but that's never going to happen folks. 

There is no miracle diet. There is no FAT LOSS IN A BOTTLE. 
If there was, EVERYONE would be fit. 

Healthy physique takes patience, dedication, and a proper diet. You don't have to be a professional body builder to know that you shouldn't plop down and eat an entire Little Caesar's pizza in one sitting. Ordering a diet coke with a triple-stack bacon cheeseburger is pointless. Portion your meals, cut out the crap like soda and unnecessary fats and sugars, and you'll be amazed at what you'll look like in a few weeks. 

Contrary to Dr. bOZo's claims, you'll never find a pill that allows you to eat whatever you want and still lose weight. If you want to go through life enjoying every delicious morcel you come across, you certainly can. However, if you want to do so AND still look good enjoying your meals...then WORKOUT. It's simple folks. Find 1 hr of time in your day, do some situps and pushups, drink a ton of water, then treat your ass with an awesome peice of cheesecake. That's right, you can do that. Of course, you'll get hotter faster if you DONT eat the cake, but that's where you decide how far you're willing to go. 

Stop buying into the bullshit scams. Do your research. Ask questions. Excersize and portion your meals. Don't be a dumbass who believes everything they see on TV just because it's "recommended by Dr. Flowerybutthole."
Earn respect and attention...stop looking for the easy way out. If you don't like the way you look, GET OFF YOUR ASS AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.
by Fireball posted Jun 16 2014 11:43AM


I'm often confronted about my job and what it's like to be an on-air radio personality. I usually don't get to vent to my buddies that work in the oil industry about any bad days I may have.


Though we may not have to worry about 400lb pipes crushing our ligaments, or irragating a field for 9 hours straight, we still do have our bad days in the Media findustry. I've shared a couple of examples of when our more well-known comrades' patience snapped...

***WARNING- naughty words in the videos, NSFW***


Here's another from our dear friend Casey Kasem. He's a little upset about being forced to do a morose bit after coming off of a up-tempo song. Ohhh Casey...

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People : Casey KasemDIET COKE
by Fireball posted Jun 9 2014 2:45PM
There seems to be some sort of unspoken segue amongst sports where successful players go from young men and women, eager to play a game they love for the rest of their lives, to people like you and me just going from day to day in their career. Some lose that child-like gleam in their eye from watching their favorite players on screen- to becoming that player they strived to be like. When you've worked your entire life to become the perfect athlete , getting paid millions in royalties from ads on boxes, magazines, and billboards, it's easy to forget what it was like before you reached the pinnacle. This video hit home with me. It shows those special players that have hung onto the spirit of playing a sport they love. It shows integrity and respect in a sport that dominates the planet. Personally, I'm a football fan (American football, of course) but this video focuses on the sport of soccer. Although you can a lot of the same sportsmanship around the planet in all sorts of sports, this has been one of my favorite examples for a while. Please mind the music- that part, is NOT my favorite..but I digress. 
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