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by Fireball posted Sep 10 2014 10:51AM
Leaked Photos From Batman vs. Superman:

Because some people care...

n: Dawn of Justice
Batman to take on Superman with the Batmobile!!
Batman to take on Superman with the Batmobile!!

Some photos are making the internet rounds showing the Batmobile from Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice now shooting in Detroit. The first pic appears to be of the car on a flatbed.

Left side view
Left side view
Bird's eye view
Bird's eye view

Another is an aerial view showing what appears to be a camouflage paint scheme. Although this could also be a filter effect on the photo. It is unknown if this is how the vehicle will appear in the finished film or if this is perhaps a peel off wrap to hide the actual appearance. In the officially released photo from back in May the colors were muted and it was also unclear how the final design would appear.

Leaked Photos of the Batmobile!

The car appears to have design cues from The Tumbler form Nolan's film trilogy and The Batmobile as it appeared in "Batman Forever" which starred Val Kilmer.

Batman Forever's Batmobile
Batman Forever's Batmobile
The Tumbler from The Dark Knight Trilogy
The Tumbler from The Dark Knight Trilogy

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by Fireball posted Sep 3 2014 10:41AM



The above clip was recorded over this last weekend in Russia. It shows a seemingly angry motorist pull in front of a small van, forcing traffic to come to a stop. After a few angry gestures are exchanged, the vans doors open up, unleashing a small army of childhood cartoons-turned WWE Superstars. We spotted Spongebob, Mickey Mouse, Scrat (from Ice Age), and some gray squirrel thing. They proceed to open a can of good ol' American-influenced WHOOP ASS on the defenseless motorist. 

Now, the sheer hilarity of this video brings to question the authenticity of it. This HAS to be a staged prank, but it's real enough we hope it's grade-A dashcam timing. Afterall, EVERYONE in Russia has dashcams! there so much unbelievable crazy Russian shit that goes down, that they decided to make dashcams a stock item on their vehilces?? If so, this was great supporting evidence.
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