SPAM-Obsessed Massachusetts Man Stopped by TSA for Bag of Infamous Mystery Meat

Everyone’s got their favorite food and some foods even get a cult-like following. While SPAM isn’t likely the first to come to mind in either of those categories, this guy in Massachusetts has made his mark in the SPAM community.

Joel Libed was heading home from Minnesota after a show singing with his Irish Step Dancing group with a bag full of various types of SPAM he snagged at the SPAM museum (because that’s a thing). He did not expect TSA to have a problem with it as he went through security to board his flight, but once they pulled his bag aside, he knew what was up.

Libed, in his slight embarrassment, recorded the interaction and shared it online, garnering attention of the local news and the fine folks at Hormel, who are now sending him a case of SPAM.

June 10th, 2024