September 19, 2014
12:57 am
What's Happening
Lt Col. Baker was walking his young daughter to Rochester Adams high school in Michigan when the father in uniform was told he could not enter the school...
In Mother Russia, Cartoons watch YOU.....bleed and roll around in agony. 
There's a new prank in the gaming world called "Swatting," and it isn't very pretty...
BRAZIL- Home of the beautiful and the bootyful. Could it be your next home?

Now son, look at your pile of videogames in front of you. Let that represent Happiness and Joy in your life. Now see the lownmower I'm currently riding on. This will represent Life. 


Let's watch as Life destroys your happiness. 

Steven Tyler has released the title track to director Robert Rodriguez’ new film, Sin City: A Dame To Kill For, which comes out tomorrow (August 22nd). Listen to it here.
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