‘Thruple’ Trouble In Oklahoma Ends In All-Out Brawl

Three dinguses in Oklahoma City decided they would get themselves into an open marriage AKA a “thruple” and of course, it ended in a blaze of glory on the highway!

Tim Yost is legally married to his wife Richelle but the pair invited another woman, Amanda Breeze, into their marriage.

Eventually Yost left his home with his wife and three kids to live with Breeze but when the arguments over typical petty things got to be too much he wanted to come back home.

Richelle was helping him move back when Breeze tracked them down, knocked Yost off his Harley, people on the highway called 911 then Breeze turned on Richelle.

The two women go at it just right in the middle of the highway, Tim was rushed to the hospital and both women ended up going to jail.

So here’s what happens when three idiots decide to try to all be together…

Source: KFOR